NEWS: Coalition for Rainforest Nations 2019 Annual Report Released

Tuesday, December 1, 2020, New York; The Coalition for Rainforest Nations released its 2019 Annual Report today. 2019 was a landmark year for the Coalition.  After 15 years of relentless work to stop deforestation, participating countries fulfilled their promise to bring emissions reductions from the planet’s tropical rainforests at a multi-gigaton level. Developed country governments, corporations, and citizens can now achieve ambitious carbon neutral goals at a scale unimaginable until recently with the help of REDD+ Paris Agreement-compliant carbon credits. And in the next few years, participating countries will bring a multi-gigaton pipeline of carbon reductions online.

The scale of the emission reductions gives the world a real chance to tackle the climate emergency together with other climate solutions,” said Kevin Conrad, Executive Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations



A Look Back on 2019

The Coalition has striven for  systemic change to make trees worth more alive than dead since 2004. From the original inspiration of Chief Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, through years of tough international advocacy to the successful inclusion of  Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) within the Paris Agreement, the Coalition never lost sight of its goal.

While the organization was successful in its mission to mandate REDD+ as part of the Paris Agreement four years ago, it still has a massive amount of work to do to support its participating countries. The initiative has still not yet been implemented at its full potential, and the lack of international funding is our primary challenge. Another impediment is a lack of systems to accumulate data on land management and forests. Many of the participating countries have gaps in accurate reporting on emissions from agriculture, forest and other land uses, gaps they must resolve before they can receive results-based finance.

To address this disparity, the Coalition continued its focus and efforts to support countries with capacity-building and training th in 2019. The training helped countries create emissions inventories, build skills to measure and report on forest- and land-based emissions, and set them up to receive results-based payments for preserving their rainforests. The second phase of our three-year project, providing training to 21 member countries, came to a successful end. Technical teams conducted on-the-ground missions to Belize, Fiji, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea, and provided online training to Saint Lucia and Dominica. We also held regional workshops in Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and Asia, as well as our second global conference in Milan, Italy.

In December 2019, at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP25) in Madrid, the Coalition launched its carbon credits trading platform and registry system ( to help finance and track the life-cycle of REDD+ results once they are posted on the UNFCCC Info Hub.

“Our goal now is to rally the world to finance the end of deforestation as quickly as possible,” said Kevin Conrad, Executive Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations

The registry & exchange provides the only Paris-Agreement-qualified “destination” for REDD+ credits earned by developing countries for preservation of their rainforests. REDD-plus has achieved success already, with more than 8.3 billion tons of CO2e emissions reductions reviewed under the Paris Agreement. However, only 4% of the credits issued have been purchased, mostly by the governments of Norway, Germany and United Kingdom. We will continue to stimulate the market for the international purchase of REDD+ credits to unlock the full potential of this platform. platform will offer corporations and, in time, individuals an opportunity to play their part to achieve ‘net-zero’ emissions in a low-cost way that provides direct income to our member countries and their local communities while also conserving vital biodiversity.

We are excited to accelerate our work with our member nations in Africa, South America, and Asia to conserve the planet’s rainforests, and see climate justice and equity prevail. We cannot do that without your support. Thank you for supporting us in 2019–we hope you will continue to do so next year.,” said Federica Bietta, Managing Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

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