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Your donation to CfRN protects our rainforests

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Your donation to CfRN protects our rainforests

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Thank you for supporting the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, a tax-deductible, 501c3 non-profit organization (US tax-ID number: 26-3221530)

Complete our online donation form to make a one-time or recurring gift.

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To Donate by Check (make check payable to Coalition for Rainforest Nations).

Please mail to:

Coalition for Rainforest Nations, 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA

In our effort to save rainforests and cut down on our carbon footprint, we would like to ask you to include an email address along with your check donation for a tax receipt.

Wire and Direct Deposit

You will need direct deposit information to make a wire transfer to CfRN. Please click below to access this information.

Gift of Stocks & Shares

Transferring appreciated stocks directly to CfRN can help you make a larger donation while also avoiding the capital gains tax. Transfer your stocks today.

International Donations

Making Tax deductable donations is easy with the following links .


Coalition for Rainforest Nations is registered in the Netherlands as a PBO-organization (RSIN: 8261.87.316)

No Dutch gift tax will be due on donations to CfRN, as CfRN has a Dutch PBO-status (in Dutch: ANBI-status). A donation or gift is deductible for your personal income tax.

  • If the gift qualifies as a periodic gift, the full amount of the donation is tax deductible. To qualify as a periodic gift, the donor must agree on a full amount upfront with the organization for a five-year period, and at least 5 yearly donations must be completed before the tax deduction is applicable.
  • Non-periodic gifts are also deductible for Dutch personal income tax purposes, but a minimum threshold of 1% and maximum of 10% of total taxable income of that person must be met. Therefore, for personal income tax purposes, a periodic gift is a more interesting option.
  • Only gifts whose total amount is above the 1% threshold are deductible for Dutch personal income tax.Gifts that do not meet the threshold of 1% of total taxable income of that person are not tax deductible.


If you would like to set up recurring donations, please complete the form Dutch Periodic Gift Agreement.


If you are resident of Canada, you can also donate through CfRN’s dedicated page on rcforward.org. Tax deduction documentation is available.

Donors can use the drop-down menu and scroll to find the name “Coalition for Rainforest Nations” to donate.

If you prefer to give via Wire Transfer, Stocks, or Cheques!
Please use the attached “CAFC How to Give” form for directions.

To accompany donations not made online.

Make Saving the Rainforest Your Mission

Make Saving the Rainforest Your Mission

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