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Conference Program

Conference Program

Keep in touch with CfRN’s COP27 pavilion events, livestreams, and more.
Keep in touch with CfRN’s COP27 pavilion events, livestreams, and more.

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Exciting Milestone: #Eswatini has submitted its first Forest Reference Level (FRL) to the UN, marking a key step in its climate action under the REDD+ initiative. Great work by the team in gathering extensive land use data from 2000-2022 using the CfRN Land Use App! 🌳📊

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Week 02

Wed 16th Nov

Overview of Ethiopia’s Oromia Forested Landscape Program (OFLP) and its Carbon Financing

Wed, Nov 16th: 9:30 – 10:00 am CET.

Coalition for Rainforest Nations, EY Pavilion

The presentation will give an update on the success and implementation of the OFLP grant-funded activities in fostering sustainable low carbon development through activities that reduce deforestation, since 2017. Areas covered will include OFLP’s status on the Emissions Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA), negotiation with the Bio Carbon fund for Sustainable Forested Landscape Program (ISFL), and further emissions reductions within the project’s scope.


  • Mr. Dereje Likissa Beyene, MRV specialist
  • Mr. Abdurahman Abdella Adem, Oromia Vice President, Coordinator for Rural Development sectors
  • Mr. Seifudin Mehadi Abdulkerim, General Director, Oromia Environmental Protection Authority
  • Dr. Yitebitu Moges, Coordinator for Ethiopia REDD+ secretariat


  • Mr. Dereje Likissa Beyene, MRV specialist

Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Cover in the Republic of Congo (ROC)

Wed, Nov 16th: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CET

Coalition for Rainforest Nations, EY Pavilion

Hear members of the Republic of Congo’s Ministry of Forestry and Economy share their experiences with collecting land use and change data for estimating greenhouse gas emissions/removals; modeling projects for the creation of carbon sinks; the problems of financing afforestation and reforestation; governance and sustainable management of forests; and creating protected areas to preserve the ROC’s huge reservoir of biodiversity.

Speakers from the Ministry of Forestry and Economy include:

  • Carine Saturnine Milandou
  • Francois Mankessi
  • Welcome Babela
  • Jean-Bosco Nganongo

The Contribution of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) to REDD+ Processes Implementation

Wed, Nov 16th: 2:00 – 3:00 pm CET

Coalition for Rainforest Nations, EY Pavilion


  • Charles Mwangui, PACJA Program Manager
  • Mamoudou Ouedraogo, National Coordinator from Burkina Faso
  • Abourazakou Memem Morou, National Coordinator PACJA Togo

Capacity Building for Greenhouse Gas Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV): Focus on the Women in Central Africa (WICA) Initiative for Climate Action

Wed, Nov 16th: 4:00 – 5:30 pm CET

Coalition for Rainforest Nations, EY Pavilion

WICA is a capacity building program for young women in Cameroon, Gabon, DRC, Central African Republic, and the Republic of Congo on greenhouse gas MRV, mitigation, and adaptation, as well as the climate negotiation process and implementation of the Paris Agreement.


  • Speakers from the US Forest Service’s International WICA Program, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), and the Coalition for Rainforest Nations will discuss challenges, opportunities, and learnings from WICA, after more than a year of implementation

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Thur 16th Nov

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Exciting Milestone: #Eswatini has submitted its first Forest Reference Level (FRL) to the UN, marking a key step in its climate action under the REDD+ initiative. Great work by the team in gathering extensive land use data from 2000-2022 using the CfRN Land Use App! 🌳📊

Happy Mother's Day! Just as mothers play a pivotal role in guiding & inspiring their children, our rainforests are guardians of the planet. We invite you to reflect on the strength and wisdom imparted by the remarkable women in our lives and the earth we all share.

🌳 Leading the way in forest conservation, CfRN provides expert, free advice to rainforest nations. Our team of ex-ministers and negotiators offers 20+ yrs of climate treaty insights, helping shape decisions under the Paris Agreement. #ClimateLeadership @LuckyMedinaHN @sernaHN

Agradezco al Consejo de Ministros de la Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo por el espacio para explorar oportunidades de cooperación financiera y técnica con la Coalición de Países con Bosques Tropicales en el marco de los artículos 5 y 6 del Acuerdo de París.

Happy #EarthDay 🌍! Join the Coalition for Rainforest Nations in fighting deforestation. Our latest successes in Senegal and Eswatini show we can make a difference!

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Time is running out!

Our world, our very existence is under threat. The time for forest commitments without quantifiable actions must end.

We must take action now!


Did you know rainforests are the most cost-effective way to stop climate change? Tropical forests not only store carbon, they actively remove it from the air. Without their critical function, we will never halt climate change. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3vFSDqq

Forests are home to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Yet, deforestation is pushing numerous species towards extinction. Discover how we can halt and reverse this trend together: https://bit.ly/49ikPxa

New data: Last year, the planet lost 9.2 million acres of its tropical forest. Yet there is hope. In a few regions, more trees were left standing, compared to previous years. Losing the planet’s rainforests is not inevitable. More:

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Are rainforests doomed? Not necessarily.

In a grim new analysis of tropical forests, there are a few important glimmers of hope.


Developed countries' barriers are stalling crucial conservation funds, says CfRN's ED Kevin Conrad. It's imperative to clear these hurdles for the sake of our forests. Learn more in the @economist: #ClimateFinance #Deforestation

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World still failing to fund forest protection | Economist Impact


🌳 As International Day of Forests nears, we underscore forests' critical role. Home to biodiversity & climate balance, they need our protection. Support CfRN by donating to help provide training & advocacy for rainforest nations. https://bit.ly/48UhyUB

🌳🚨 Every minute, we lose 11 football fields' worth of tropical forest - that's 4.1 million hectares in 2022 alone! The CO2 released? Equivalent to India's annual fossil fuel emissions. It's time to talk about deforestation. Learn more: https://bit.ly/49S8XD1

💡📊 With REDD+ results and ITMOs, we see direct action on the global carbon budget. These ITMOs, derived from verified emission reductions, play a pivotal role in the Paris Agreement's global stocktake process, showcasing the tangible impact of REDD+ strategies.

🌳🐒 Exciting Discovery Alert! Skywalker Hoolock Gibbons confirmed in Myanmar's forests for the first time! Spanning beyond China, this marks a significant range expansion for the endangered species. Let's amplify efforts to protect these rare primates!

Rainforests like the Amazon are the Earth's lungs, yet they're under threat. Up to 47% could vanish by 2050, impacting us all. We must act to protect these vital ecosystems that keep our planet healthy. https://bit.ly/3TdGylc

🤝🌳 REDD+ strategically directs investments to sectors critical for developing countries, as determined by their own national priorities and action plans. It’s an approach that respects the autonomy of countries to define their path. More: https://bit.ly/49gMVcW

🌳🤝 Delving into REDD+ ITMOs, our latest report offers clarity on this key climate solution. See how countries' commitments to forest conservation turn into action via a robust framework. For a deep dive into the REDD+ process, check our guide: https://bit.ly/3UHeXd9

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