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COP27: Tropical Rainforests or Bust?

The COP 26 climate summit achieved some good things for the planet, but it did not result in an outcome for rainforest nations on climate finance to slow, stop, and reverse global deforestation, under the Paris Agreement.

Several decisions, resolutions and statements made up the Glasgow Climate Pact, which were the result of a compromise between almost 200 parties and mainly reflected the interests and aspirations the Global North and the energy debate. Saving tropical rainforests took a backseat from day one at COP26, apart from a bi-lateral commitment, outside the Paris Agreement, offering $19billion. And while pre-2020 Clean Development Mechanism projects made it into Article 6, to the benefit of big emitters, national emissions reductions accomplished by rainforest nations countries since 2005 did not.

Speaker: Kevin Conrad, Executive Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

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