Located in West Africa with an area of 111,369 km2, Liberia is the first and oldest republic of Africa. 70% of its population live on the Atlantic coast and 40% of the land is covered by forests. The Liberian economy depends on foreign aids and investment as well as the exportation of natural resources such as iron, rubber and timber.

Adhering to the terms of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement while seeking to obtain REDD+ results-based payments, Liberia has so far achieved the following:

With the support of CfRN under the RRR+ project Liberia produced a new GHG inventory for the AFOLU sector and increased its pool of expertise in term of GHGI preparation and REDD+ implementation. CfRN work supported the training of policy experts and the implementation of stable institutional arrangements in the country. The country experts have defined under the RRR+ project, clear responsibilities and engaged national entities in filling specific tasks for the preparation of the GHGI. A list of priorities and actions have been set to allow higher level engagement.