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EarthDay Donations

With our country partners around the world, Coalition for Rainforest Nations looks forward to commemorating Earth Day on April 22nd. CfRN sees Earth Day as a time to call the world to act more urgently on climate. The IPCC and other scientists have been clear about the need to cut carbon emissions dramatically this decade, but we are not on track to do so.

CfRN also sees Earth Day as a time to hold up the work that rainforest countries are doing on deforestation as tangible climate action that we need more of and beacons of hope. Through the REDD+ framework, rainforest countries have made major reductions in forest-related emissions and are showing real leadership on climate.

This Earth Day, CfRN has launched a special fund to support new rainforest countries. We will use the proceeds to provide technical training on REDD+ to 11 countries that have requested our services. In order to help more countries conserve their forests and take climate action, please consider making a special gift to CfRN’s Earth Day Fund.