This is a national scope emissions reductions program created and administered by the UNFCCC.  It is formalized in Article 5 of the Paris Agreement, and as such, it has been approved by over 190 countries.  No other emissions standards or initiatives can make these claims.  National rainforest conservation programs, combined with rigorous measurement, independent verification, and global record keeping required under the Paris Agreement have delivered results unmatched by any other voluntary program.  The two key elements of the REDD+ Mechanism are that it is national in scope and mandated by the Paris Agreement. Both are intertwined and together create the atmospheric integrity needed to save rainforests and help address the climate emergency.  As negotiated and agreed upon, the REDD+ Mechanism unequivocally vests the authority for measuring and reporting emission reductions from forest activities with national governments (not projects or jurisdictional programs).  Subnational programs can be used as an “interim” measure to a national program.