SCALE: A nationally scoped emissions reductions program provides the scale needed to help tackle the climate emergency, while increasing cost efficiencies so that more money goes back to the communities and governments who are making a difference. Under REDD+, 50 country programs will generate multi-gigaton emission reductions each year.

ELIMINATES LEAKAGE: A carbon emission reduction program covering an entire nation prevents leakage, which occurs when deforestation is displaced to an area beyond the boundaries of the project. Since countries only get paid for net emission reductions and removals across the country, this problem is eliminated.

DOUBLE COUNTING: REDD+ Results are part of the national inventory of greenhouse gases. According to the Paris Agreement, once a carbon credit or REDD+ Results Unit (RRU) is retired a corresponding adjustment must be made to both the rainforest nation and the buyer’s country of origin national greenhouse gas inventory. The platform reports all activity to the UNFCCC as a double-check that this has occurred, thereby eliminating the risk of double counting.

ON-GOING IMPROVEMENT: REDD+ is part of the Paris Agreement, which obligates all national efforts on climate change to improve and evolve with:

  • advancements in climate science,
  • methods to measure and monitor greenhouse gas emissions,
  • mitigation and removal technologies, and
  • the capabilities and capacities within the countries

ROLE OF GOVERNMENT: Success in preserving and restoring rainforest requires clarity and enforcement of land-tenure and land-use regulations, and the critical need for good governance.