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Gabon Hosts 5-Day REDD+ Submissions Review


In an in-person workshop held from October 17-21 in Libreville, Gabon’s capital, Eloïse Guidi, a CfRN Greenhouse Gas Inventory Expert, supported by CfRN team member Alphonse Bizimana, teamed up with the National Climate Council and two CAFI consultants to discuss the reports Gabon submitted to the UNFCCC between 2021-2022. Also covered were the discussions that happened between Gabon and UNFCCC experts during the REDD+ and International Consultation and Analysis (ICA) technical assessments for Gabon’s Biennial Update Report. The Biennial Update is a report submitted by signatories of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which contains updates of national Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories, including a national inventory report and information on mitigation actions, needs, and support received.

The sessions were well attended, with an average of 35 people taking part online or in person. Representatives of the National Climate Council, Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Agriculture, National Parks Agency, and Spatial Study and Observation Agency of Gabon were among them, as were attendees from research centers such as CENAREST, national NGOs such as Brainforest, and students from the Women’s Initiative for Climate Action (WICA) of the US Forest Service. Participants voiced an overall high level of satisfaction with the training and felt better prepared to protect and sustainably manage the forest in Gabon as a result.

(Top) Kathryn Jeffery , CAFI consultant, Davy Onomori Mboumba, Vice-permanent secretary of Gabon’s National Climate Council and CfRN’s GHG Expert Eloïse Guidi, on-site, in Libreville, with participants at the Workshop.