(Above) Jagdish Kishwan, CfRN’s Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator with Participants at the CfRN’s Workshop in Thimphu, Bhutan.

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CfRN Holds Debut REDD+ Workshop in Bhutan

The “Workshop on REDD+ Implementation in the Himalayan Region” was held in the Bhutanese capital, Thimphu, on the 11th of October. It was attended by 25 Bhutanese participants in person, and a Nepalese participant online. Jagdish Kishwan, CfRN’s Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator, who was present on site, led the discussions. CfRN’s Managing Director, Federica Bietta welcomed the participants with an overview of CfRN, and invited Bhutan to work together with CfRN on capacity building and policy support for REDD+.

Emilio Sempris, a CfRN Regional Director, gave an overview of REDD+ implementation, sharing his experience assisting Honduras and other countries in Central America as they prepared REDD+ documentation. Leonardo Massai, Senior CfRN Team Expert, and Jagdish Kishwan made presentations on CfRN’s in-country capacity building and training program, Reporting for REDD+ Results Based Actions (RRR+). And they introduced the REDD.plus Platform for monetizing carbon credits derived from REDD+ activities.

The Bhutanese participants expressed interest in CfRN’s capabilities on a number of fronts. CfRN looks forward to working with the Royal Bhutan Forest Department, to help them meet their future goals for forest conservation and support their participation in the REDD+ mechanism.