Republic of Congo

Located in the Congo Basin, with an area of ​​342 000 km², the Republic of Congo is characterized by its high forest cover, almost 65% of the national territory. The economy is based almost exclusively on the exploitation of oil and wood that are both exported unprocessed. However, the country is also rich in other natural resources such as diamantes, copper and iron, but the exploitation of these resources is still negligible.

Adhering to the terms of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement while seeking to obtain REDD+ results-based payments, the Congo has so far achieved the following:

With the support of CfRN, under the RRR+ project Congo produced a new GHG inventory for the AFOLU sector respecting consistency with the submitted FREL. In addition, a dedicated unit on GHGI AFOLU was established by the national authorities and CfRN contributed to expand the list of national experts in the area of REDD+ and GHGI.

CfRN work initiated unique examples of South-South exchange with the neighbor’s countries of the Congo, such as Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These exchanges were aiming to facilitate knowledge sharing in the Congo Basin. The support and training provided by the RRR+ project increased the national pool of expertise in term of GHGI preparation.