CfRN Partners with the Monitor Lizard Conservation Project

It is with great pleasure and excitement that CfRN announces its partnership with the Monitor Lizard Conservation Project of Papua New Guinea.

Deforestation has myriad destructive consequences beyond the felling of rainforests. That is why in response to multiple requests from developing countries, CfRN is embarking on a targeted, multi-pronged biodiversity conservation initiative. The first request for support and collaboration comes from the Monitor Lizard Conservation Project. We are so impressed with their mission and activities that we decided to partner with the project to preserve these extraordinary reptiles.

Here’s why:

  • The Crocodile Monitor is the largest and most threatened species in the region. Other monitor lizards are under similar threat.
  • Under present conditions all monitor lizards could be extinct within years. For example in India, all large monitors were extinct by the 1980’s.
  • Monitor lizards prey upon pest and bats which are sources of zoonotic disease such as Covid-19. 
  • The Monitor Lizard Conservation Project is committed to the humane treatment of adult lizards for breeding purposes.  Hatchlings will be raised in government sanctioned facilities and released into the wild after one year.
  • The pilot facility in Johnson City, Texas will also serve as a research institution.
  • All facilities will be open to the public and will sponsor multiple educational initiatives for the entire family.
To help drive success during this pilot phase of the Monitor Lizard Conservation Project, CfRN will donate a percentage of its annual revenue to the project.