GIVING TUESDAY: Support Tropical Rainforest Nations to Stop Deforestation & Tackle the Climate Emergency

Tuesday December 1, 2020, New York: This Giving Tuesday, as you make generous contributions to worthy causes, please consider the protection of rainforests and preventing climate disaster in your giving. 2020 showed us how fragile of our beautiful planet is. Yet, the Coalition for Rainforest Nations did not slow down. In fact, we made significant progress.  After 15 years of relentless work to stop deforestation we finally fulfilled our promise to bring one of the largest, single most cost-effective climate solution to the world:

  • Rainforest nations like Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Congo, and others have reduced carbon emissions by saving the planet’s tropical rainforests creating millions of tons of Paris Agreement-compliant carbon credits

Today, governments, corporations, and citizens can now achieve ambitious carbon neutral goals at a scale unimaginable until recently. Your gift this Giving Tuesday will ensure that we bring a multi-gigaton pipeline of carbon reductions online.

The scale of the emission reductions our member countries offer, gives the world a real chance to tackle the climate emergency by aligning to a 1.5 degrees temperature pathway by 2030.

But the time is NOW and every gift matters in the fight against climate change.

Your gift of $50, $100, $1000 will make a difference. To donate, please click here:


Thank you for all you do,



Kevin Conrad

Executive Director,

Coalition for Rainforest Nations