Coalition’s Legal Team supports Democratic Republic of Congo on Environmental Legislation

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, New York; The Coalition’s legal experts completed legal counsel support for Democratic Republic of Congo on domestic legislation environmental protection and climate change today, as apart of Results-Based REDD+ Action Project (2020-2030).

The overall goal of the Phase II of the RRR+ project (2020-2023) is to contribute to the assessment of progress towards the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement through improved GHG inventory (GHGI) reporting. In particular, the project aims to develop and institutionalize the capacities of tropical forest countries to prepare and report to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement on anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals from the agriculture, forestry and other land use sectors (AFOLU).

Within this framework, the Coalition’s in-country capacity building team recently provided technical and legal support to the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the modification of national legislation on environmental protection by the introduction of climate change elements.

The review of national legislation follows a country mission undertaken by the Coalition in Kinshasa in November 2019 where experts visited the country’ Senate to assist DRC in accessing REDD+ finannce for results-based actions.

During the week of 19 October 2020 Coalition’s legal team provided support on the amendment of the Framework Law on Environmental Protection to introduce climate change elements into it.

In particular, the following elements were introduced in the draft law:

  • Reference to the Paris Agreement
  • National GHG inventory
  • IPCC
  • National GHG inventory unit
  • Mainstreaming climate change into development planning, decision-making and other policy implementation
  • Implementation of REDD + in full compliance with all UNFCCC decisions
  • State approval for all external marketing of carbon credits
  • UREC compatible with any carbon market mechanism in full compliance with all decisions of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement
  • Conditions to be met by all REDD + projects / activities
  • REDD + in the register on sustainable development

Once the draft is approved by the DRC Senate it will be sent to Parliament for final adoption.