Republic of Cameroon

Located in the Congo Basin, Cameroon has a great variety of ecosystems with two main climates; equatorial and tropical that are influenced by monsoon winds. The bio- and cultural diversity of the country are one of the richest in the world which are sometimes refer to as “Africa in miniature”. The economy depends mainly on the first sector with agriculture, silviculture, forestry, livestock and fishery. There is a big potential in the mining sector, which is still underdeveloped.

Adhering to the terms of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement while seeking to obtain REDD+ results-based payments, Cameroon has so far achieved the following:

With the support of CfRN, Cameroon has increased its pool of expertise in term of GHGI preparation.

National experts in Cameroon received strong support from CfRN under the RRR+ project to analyze and list all the available data in the country to produce a GHG inventory in the aim to move to a Tier 2 quality. Training was provided also on the importance of Institutional Arrangements to report to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement. CfRN also initiated South-South exchange between experts from Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. Cameroon also successfully hosted one of the RRR+ project regional workshops in Douala in 2017.